Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What does volunteerism look like?

Poster Contest comming to an end- still a couple days to vote.

We need people to vote on an online poster contest
(of course it’s free to vote)

Link on bottom of page – thanks for voting –it’s a good cause.

The poster contest if part of the International Youth Volunteerism Summit
WHERE: Northwestern University
WHEN: February 24-26

The inaugural IYVSummit is a weekend designed to celebrate the impulses behind youth volunteerism around the world while at the same time creating a social and intellectual space for serious critical discussion of the limits and pitfalls of those impulses.

THE ONLY INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN TO ARTIST WAS : What does volunteerism look like? Put it on a poster. Any size, any medium, any form.

( When asked (by email) they said it was not to be a poster for the conference –I asked, but unfortunately others did not.)

My own submission to the contest doesn’t appear so well on their site, It wasn’t designed to be so compressed – and the text doesn’t come out clearly. The whimsical people images in each square explain how they volunteer – from babysitting, to work in a forest preserve, to helping NASA, Big Brothers/ Big Sisters and other organizations. The goal was to show that Volunteering encompasses a large spectrum of activities (as well as emotions.).

You can double click on the images to get a larger view

Thanks - Paul Grant (follower of Basho)

TO VOTE PLEASE GO TO: http://www.iyvs.org/poster/contest/

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