Sunday, February 05, 2006

Put his memory on your feet

Reebok Basquiat Sneakers

I saw these on The Stylephile and decided they were a must-have for my favorite artist who has a birthday coming up. Reebok has made a new collection of sneakers that are designed based on the unique designs of Jean-Michel Basquiat. Basquiat, whose works were recently shown in a comprehensive retrospective at the MOCA here in Los Angeles, was famous for his graffiti-inspired art. The sneakers have Basquiat's name on back, his signature crown and a Basqiuat design on the sole. The sneakers come in just a few colors and are made in limited runs of 500. The Stylephile says you can get them at%uFFFD Sportie L.A. or Barneys for $140 but I found my pair for $120 at Karmaloop.

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