Saturday, March 31, 2007

'Bleeding' Jesus portraits draw crowds in India

'Bleeding' Jesus portraits draw crowds in India

PORT BLAIR: Thousands of people are flocking to a policeman's house in India's remote Andaman Islands to pray in front of two portraits of Jesus Christ, which are said to have been "bleeding" for the past two weeks, police and witnesses said.

Eric Nathaniel, a police radio operator, found red fluid trickling down a portrait of Jesus in his house two weeks ago which he believed was blood.

"We lit candles and prayed all night and a little later the blood dried but it soon started trickling down from the hands and heart of another portrait in the house," Nathaniel said in the islands' capital Port Blair on Wednesday.

Officials said red paint used in the portraits could be melting in the extreme humidity, but islanders and priests were coming in boats from remote parts of the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago to pray.

"This is indeed a miracle and shows that Jesus was in pain because of our sins," said John Chrysostom, a priest at the Anglican Church of Port Blair.

One portrait was temporarily moved to the local bishop's house for public viewing after police found it difficult to control swelling crowds

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Self Portraits: Andrew Sloan

Me & My Ideas.
Acrylic on Canvas.
Painted during a massive pre-solo-show studio session. This is me and all that was coming out of my head (and going in) at that time. Seemed appropriate then and works for now as well. Good to have your arms out - not just for balance, but to receive all that the world has to offer.
All the best,

Andrew Sloan
Providence Rhode Island

Friday, March 09, 2007

Gwenn Seemel :: Self Portraits

"The gaze of a self-portrait is a curiously intimate one: it is the
gaze of a person that scrutinizes her-him self. Looking at an
artist's self-portrait is a most delicious intrusion on a private

Gwenn Seemel

Gwen paints portraits one face at a time. Her web site chronicles her work. Not just portraits for portrait sake (which she does do) but also what she considers to conceptual projects:"When do you become a woman? Is it through puberty or after marriage? Maybe when you become a mother? How do modern gender surgeries affect what it means to be a woman? Can a breast enlargement surgery make you more of a woman? Or a male-to-female sex reassignment surgery? Is menopause the end of womanhood? Or is a woman always someone older than you? Are you a woman?

My next series questions whether physical changes have anything at all to do with becoming a woman. Each of my subjects has undergone some kind of physical change in 2006, transitions that are traditionally--as well as not so traditionally--associated with becoming a woman. I am capturing this year of change with two portraits of each subject, one "before" image and one "after."

Also, I am currently gathering subjects around the question "what does it mean to be an American?" Most of the subjects are immigrants or children of immigrants, because I tend to think that first and second generation Americans are more American than people whose families have been in the U.S. for many generations. What do you think?"
Please email her if you are interested in participating in this series or if you would like to be added to her mailing list:

Chris Ellis :: Self Portraits

"Self Portrait" age 21 ( Graphite )
graphite self portrait created during
my student years.

"Self Portrait with Skull" age 35 ( photograph )
eye patch resulted from a severe shingles
attack to the optic nerve.

*Chris Ellis*
United States

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lisa Scrivner :: Self Portraits

These stylized self-portraits depict very different views of self-perception. In trying to capture the 'essence of me', if you will- there is no one moment that can describe it all. The same goes for you...from every angle is a new view, a new idea, a new you. Embrace them all.
-Lisa Scrivner

Charlie Alan Kraft :: Self Portrait

Thoughts on the picture of self portraits: ( self portraits in general )

How very rare to find a self portrait that contains the very music of the artist themselves. Too often do I find myself looking at Hollywood reproductions of what a person is not instead of what a person is, using the self as a way to express entertainment instead of sacrifice. Self portraits should reflect the rawness of the core inside of ourselves. The empty that no one else can see or hear. When I see painting after painting of eyes and smile or smug lips and casual hair I am reminded of nothing and no piece of the painter has been given to me.
Charlie Alan Kraft

You can see more of Charlie Alan Kraft's work at his website. Cool Stuff.

keith farris :: Selp Portrait

this portrait is several years old now. i was in the classroom and the lighting was such and from a mirror i imagined myself emerging, bourbon soaked, from the magnolia bar and grille at closing time; all lit up with neon and brimming with nihilism.

keith farris

You can visit him at his MYSPACE place: existing in space

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Call for Submissions - self portraits with links to artist sites

Self portraits

A focus on fifty artist self portraits- Could be you

What we are looking for-

1. Self portraits by artist -(physically sent via email- link below )

2. Your comments or thoughts about the picture of the subject of self portraits

What we will Do

1. Make a blog entry on Art Talk titled: (Your name) Self portrait.

You may send up to four pictures.

2. We will include a link to your website (or blog or myspace)- if you want


Because we thought it would be cool

Are you willing to expose your view of yourself?

Send entries HERE



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