Friday, February 10, 2006

Open call for Art piece that portrays the sensation of an orgasm

Open Call of Submissions for Orgasmos -- to create and submit a Net or Web Art piece that portrays the sensation of an orgasm. 10 works only will be selected by our international panel, to be showcased online on from April 10th 2006. is a website specializing in creating and showcasing online based public art projects, overseen by a panel of 25 established and emerging international professionals from a wide range of new media fields.
Submission Guidelines: Net.Art/Web.Art Submissions: please send the URL of your piece and any specific viewing requirements in terms of browsers and software.

In your email please include the name of the piece and a short statement of who you or your group/collaborative are (300 words max). Also include your main website if you have one and your email address (please state if you wish your website and email address to be visible on the site)

Email all work to

Important: When submitting work you will need to give your consent and confirm it is your own work in order for us to use it. If you are sending via email, you must copy and paste in your email the following paragraph, signed by yourself. If you are posting the material please copy paste this on you cover letter and sign it:

"The work I am submitting is my own, I have consent from all ollaborators involved (ifany), to use and submit this work. I allow to display my work within the tosoma website. I will not contact panel members discussing my submission."

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