Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bloggers take a closer look at Borf's Judge

It Turns Out That Borf's Sentencing Judge Is Dating A Rich White Guy!
D.C. Superior Court Judge Lynne Leibovitch photographed in Aruba on vacation with her AOL Vice President boyfriend after Borf's sentencing.
Judge Lynne Leibovitch is only too happy to cut her vacation short to serve the interests of justice by placing teenage artists inside one of the most brutal and inhuman of jails in the United States of America.

Picture and comments found at the blog:
Black Cat Bone - Burning The Flesh Off Modern Art
James W. Bailey C.S.A. (Contemporary Southern Artist)Born and Raised in the Great State of Mississippi. Born-again in the City of New Orleans.

There is more interesting documentation on this judge at this site.

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