Monday, April 02, 2007

Self Portraits: Robyn Feeley

Cool idea! Attached is a new self portrait for an upcoming art show. The idea is to place myself into my art creating a unique view of myself as the artist
in the art.


The fall of 1963, Robyn enrolled in the Oakwood Preschool in Evanston Illinois. The program was rich with art, cookies, milk and the dreaded nap time. They studied the colours and patterns of the monarch butterfly and made ceramic animals that were fired in a kiln. Her first pet portraits began a few years later after adopting a neighborhood puppy named Katy. Since then…

Robyn has been delighting her audience with fun & whimsical pastel drawings since 2001. Her truly unique style captures the essence of each pet, with a whimsical sense of humor. Her work has been featured on Animal Planet and will be on Lifetime Television & HBO this fall. Currently her work is hanging in the Lake Street Gallery in Miller Beach Indiana, Topanga Canyon Gallery located in Topanga California and the Red Dog Gallery in Phoenix Arizona.

Robyn works closely with animal rescue organizations throughout the country such as Best Friends, Much Love, and the Miller Humane Society, with donations from the sales of her original portraits.

On the board of directors of the Topanga Canyon Chamber of Commerce, Robyn is extremely active in her community. Born and raised in Miller Beach Indiana, she now lives with her thirteen year old son Max, three rescue dogs and a miniature pot belly pig in the hills of Topanga California.


Robyn Feeley of bungalow art creates an amazing line of animal greeting cards in a style that is singularly her own.

Zazzle is proud and happy to be able to show a few pieces of her art and equally proud of her latest promotion to Director of Animal welfare in the city of Topanga in California. Very cool.

If redboy gallery sells any of her shirts the money will be donated to the animal cause of Robyn's choosing.

Robyn Feeley
Bungalow Art

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