Saturday, April 07, 2007

Contemporary artist from around the world, Tibet's Ang Sang

Ang Sang

All of my paintings show unintentional emotion, painting to me is Buddha nature in my heart, which I admire and respect unconditionally. My painting is different from Western painting, which emphasizes realistic description or expresses individuality and so on. Also it is different from Chinese traditional painting. Rather it is under the premise of faith and devotion. And it is the art language of the spirituality of our nationality, I am trying to find out the common point between the ancient Tibetan traditional art and Western avant-garde art. My purpose is to set up a special art language and soul of painting, which is based on our traditional and folk art, and to create special artworks, which have both nationality and modern characteristics. The more it expresses our nationality, the more it will be international.

Nomad Girl / Oil on Canvas

Buddha Realm / Oil on Canvas

Shigatse Girl
2005 Mixed Media - acrylic and stone colours on cotton with block print background

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