Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cuban Modern paintings:

Art from around the world: Cuba

Ramón Vázquez León

Ramón Vázquez León was born in Viñales, Pinar del Río, Cuba, in February, 1972. His studies in the visual arts began at the Raúl Sánchez Vocational School of Art in Pinar del Río. In 1987, he entered the National School of Fine Arts in Havana. He graduated in 1991 as a draftsman, painter and professor of Painting and Drawing. That same year he joined the Conjunto Artístico Integral de Montaña, for a period of two years. From 1993 to 1995, he worked as a specialist in the Art Gallery of Viñales. The artist currently resides and works in Viñales, Pinar del Río, Cuba.

Alfredo Sosabravo

Period: Contemporary

Sirena con Gaviotas, 2004
oil and collage on canvas,
35 1/4 x 49 inches

Alfredo Sosabravo was born in Sagua La Grande, Cuba, on October 25, 1930. He studied art at the Annex School of San Alejandro Fine Arts Academy, but is considered a self-taught artist. Sosabravo has won important awards in Cuba and abroad, among them, his country's highest cultural distinctions, the Félix Varela Order, in 1994, the National Plastic Arts Award, in 1997, and a Doctorate, Honoris Causa in Art, in 2000. His work is represented in many public and private collections and has been exhibited internationally. The artist currently resides in Havana, Cuba.

Experts say his work is inspired in nature, plants, the human body, birds and fish, as well as in uncertain structures, those uncertain, sailing, non static beings, which make progress amidst man's complexity, his luck, his fate and the human environment.

He's a completely self-educated man who has become one of the most important Cuban artists since the mid-1900s, still powerful and creative, taking part in every event and proposal, allowing his own temptations guide him along.

Human faces are either hidden by masks or bear amplified, generic features as if personality, too, were an illusion. Like Paul Klee's, Sosabravo's work is both consciously naive and sophisticated. Sosabravo has no brooding dichotomies. He, oversimplifies his forms, but, rather than purging them into abstractions, he fills them with pattern.

David Rodríguez
Period: Contemporary

David Rodriguez was born on September 13, 1956 in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. He studied painting at the acclaimed San Alejandro Academy of Art in Havana from which he graduated in 1982. He later furthered his education at the city’s Graduate Arts Institute. In 1981, his works were among those exhibited at the prestigious National Museum of Fine Arts in Cuba. He has garnered several awards in painting competitions throughout his career including an Honorable Mention at the Literature in the Fine Arts Contest, Rubén Martínez Salon. He has illustrated for several cultural and literary projects including magazines, poetry journals and children’s books. The artist lives and works in Miami, Florida.

Roberto Fabelo studied painting first at the Escuela Nacional de Arte and later at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana. Fabelo's most recent works in drawing, watercolor, oil, and installation pieces comment on the human condition, incorporating distorted human and animal figures into portraits and fantastic scenery. He employs elements of Expressionism and Surrealism in his work, while at the same time grounding the images in an almost academic and historical setting in order to question the division between fantasy and reality with a magical touch. His works are likened to voracious, insatiable mysterious, and unforgettable guests at an unending celebration

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