Sunday, September 04, 2005

An original photographic Montage by American Artist Paul Grant
Suffering for us
A small framed edition of this print was put on ebay.

Artist note:
On the picture: Suffering for Us:

As the country recovers from the disaster in New Orleans, we sometimes forget the suffering going on in other parts of the world, whether that be our soldiers or civilians.

The Abu Ghraib Prison is a shameful testament to human cruelty. Hooded, humilified, in some cases sadistically tortured and sexually abused- this was done all in our name.

The people who committed crimes upon the prisoners, did so as representatives of us.

We share in the guilt.

This little picture is just a reminder. By reflection on the darkest of humanity, sometimes, we appreciate the goodness in our lives, and the needto do something in positive directionto help make the world a better place.

-paul grant Memorial Day 2005

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