Monday, September 05, 2011

Shiro Daimon on dancing

Shiro Daimon is recognized as one of the most remarkable Japanese dancers today. His meticulous technique, complete, is both as a dancer, actor, musician. Disciple of the great masters of Noh (Kanza Tetsunojô 8th, national treasure) and dance of Kabuki (Hanayagi School)

It's been almost 60 years since I started dancing,
 yet dance is still a mystery to me.
Dance upsets me now as before.  
Why does the dance make me crazy?
One day, I must find the reason.
Once I wrote: 
"At the age of 7, I was eaten by the dance." 
Indeed, at that time, the days preceding the show, 
my throat could not accept food and after the dance, 
my soul felt separated from my body,
as though it had left, gone on a journey.

I can find in the story the origin of my religion of the dance.
The most important thing for the dance is to liberate the soul. 
The choreography is a way for the release. 
The soul is a flower. 
The technique is a seed. 
I planted on my body several seeds so that the flower may open.
It is the Soul who chooses the seed. 
She, the Soul, makes me dance. 
If  one day my body is like a frozen tree, 
certainly my soul will
open like a flower.

by Shiro Daimon

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