Sunday, September 05, 2010

In his essay:

Art and Aesthetics in Action
Written by: Professor Severyn T. Bruyn

Bruyn a new venture in aesthetics.

Below are polar ideas in philosophy. Polar ideas are contrary or contradictory to one another. The taxonomic image in Table 1 should prepare our thinking about how a philosophy of aesthetics develops in a university.

The analysis of D.W. Gotshalk is based on contrary principles, but we now expand their number. A new philosophy of aesthetics now asks questions about how contrary ideas touch every discipline. 

This observation of opposites may assist in reading, and thinking about art.

Polar Principles in Art

Being vs. Becoming
Order vs. Change
Subject vs. Object
Conscious vs. Unconscious
Same vs. Different
Repetition vs. Innovation

Unity vs. Plurality
Spirit vs. Matter
Mind vs. Body
Real vs. Ideal
Feeling vs. Reason
Knowledge vs. Ignorance
Religion/ Ethics
Sacred vs. Secular
Transcendent vs. Imminent
Human vs. Divine
Life vs. Death
Everything vs. Nothing
Right vs. Wrong
Virtue vs. Vice

Interior vs. Exterior
Mortal vs. Immortal
Heaven vs. Hell
Holy vs. Unholy
Moral vs. Immoral          
Good vs. Evil              
Inner vs. Outer
Natural Science
Night vs. Day
Soft vs. Hard
Black vs. White
Female vs. Male
Wide vs. Narrow
Deep vs. Shallow

Light vs. Dark
Smooth vs. Rough      
Summer vs. Winter
Height vs. Depth
Fast vs. Slow
Tall vs. Short
Particular vs. Universal
Unique vs. Common
Structure vs. Change
Continuity vs. Discontinuity
Present vs. Future

Natural vs. Human
Progression vs. Regression
Cyclic vs. Linear
Present vs. Past
Causality vs. Telos
Freedom vs. Justice
Liberty vs. Slavery
Male vs. Female

Hierarchy vs. Equality  
Guilt vs. Innocence
Upper Class vs. Lower Class
Humanities and Arts
Conceal vs. Reveal
Control vs. Surrender
Spontaneity vs. Design
Seeing vs. Finding
Impulse vs. Idea
Fact vs. Value
Logic vs. Intuition
Appreciation vs. Judgement
Comedy vs. Tragedy
Harmony vs. Discord
Purity vs. Impurity
Beautiful vs. Hideous
Vitality vs. Decay
Social Science
Optimism vs. Pessimism
Community vs. Individual
Despair vs. Rage
Innocence vs. Guilt
Connection vs. Disconnection                 
Social vs. Economic
Religion vs. Science      
Inhibit vs. Release
Visible vs. Invisible
Simplicity vs. Complexity
Empty vs. Full
True vs. False  
Life vs. Death.

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