Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sad: Vandals deface historical and sacred site

rock art at UbirrThis is a picture of the rock art at Ubirr

Sacred Aboriginal sites, including rock art at Uluru and rock faces in Kakadu have been defaced by acts of graffiti in several locations.
In the heritage-listed Kakadu National Park two rock faces were damaged with graffiti.

No rock art in the park –among the oldest in the world- had been impacted, according to Shannon Murray from the Kakadu visitor services team.

There have been three graffiti incidents but none had defaced the rock art.
However, vandals had left scratchings of graffiti on Ubirr lookout, which is one of the most sacred sites in the national park.

The Aboriginal rock art at Ubirr is tens of thousands of years old, Ms Murray said. A Parks Australia spokeswoman was unable to confirm reports that traditional owners were incensed about the vandals’ acts. Ms Murray said that local Aboriginal people expect visitors to treat their land with respect.

Earlier this year vandals also damaged rock art at Uluru in central Australia, causing thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

People who deface any surface in a commonwealth park face fines of up to $2,500.

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