Sunday, July 13, 2008

Artists Statement : Willamarie Huelskamp

What is an artist statement? Is it fact's? Is it self opinion? Or self promotion. Here is one I particularlly like:

Willamarie Huelskamp


My paintings come from my heart. It would be easy to edit out all that is meaningful in art by judging an inspiration as too sentimental, too complicated, funny or just plain crazy. Wrestling with my inner voices, both angels and demons, I struggle to create a visual symbolic language.

Painting affirms from my love of the tactile world, the world of surfaces. The paint becomes my micro-universe where I play with textures, rhythms of line and patterns of form, and more importantly the duality of creation and destruction. I layer the paint and images to create real depth in the pictorial surface. Primitive art inspires my work in its disregard for anatomical correctness and illusionary effects of perspective. An Egyptian frontal view of the shoulders, an Aboriginal dot, an Assyrian eye facing forward in a facial profile and an Anasazi headdress can all be found in my work. Much inspiration comes from the work of Paul Klee, Picasso and Chagall who were each inspired by primitive art.

The imagery sometimes reflects the outer world of my life in Utah with my family but more accurately is a reflection of the inner experience of this mad and joyful journey called my life. I wonder about this humanness I share with all the people who have come before me and who will come after me. Through these simple drawings and rich layering of texture, the painting speaks beyond culture and time, exploring simple relationships. They explore the places where my consciousness overlaps and merges with the consciousness of others and my search for wholeness and connection is reflected in a symbolic language .

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willamarie huelskamp said...

This post was made in 2008 and now it is 2015. I guess I have not googled myself in quite a few tears. I find it amaing that you have posted my artists statement as I can not tell you the number of hours I have stressed over these simple paragraphs. Over the years I have been tweaking it and it has morphed. Reading this after many years makes me think it was better before my changes. Thank you for sharing.

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