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Contemporary artist from around the world: Peru

Peruvian Artist: Persi Narvaez Machicao

Persi Narvaez Machicao is a Peruvian Artist born in Lima in 1963. He graduated from the “Escuela Nacional Superior Autonoma de Bellas Artes del Peru” in 1996 with the Silver Medal.

Narvaez has a vast artistic experience doing individual and group shows, nationally and internationally, winning numerous awards and distinctions for his artistic endeavors.

In his work he expresses his culture: Lima and it ancestors, the quotidian as well as the historic. He draws on the Precolombian Culture so characteristic of Peru, representing both the mundane and the magic life of his society.

Narvaez is able to express his feelings through an intense range of luminous colors that explode in fragments evoking an extraordinary vision of the artist’s own passionate space. His work is rich in detail. His linear constructions give a sense of movement creating a poetic image of his Peruvian world.

As a sculptor, Persi Narvaez Machicao uses the imagery and icons from his paintings, his interest in negative and positive space and his mastery of intricate detail to translate his vision into three dimensional works in wood. Those works are then painted with the same chromatic range of his two dimensional work.

In conjunction with his participation in Sumter’s International Sculpture Symposium, he will exhibit his two-dimensional work at the Sumter County Cultural Center’s Patriot Hall Gallery.

Narvaez Machicao will collaborate with sculptor and Artist-in-Residence Nora Valdez in the Sumter public schools. Persi Narvaez Machicao will represent Peru at the symposium as a Cultural Embasador under the auspices of the Peruvian Embassy.


In his own Words

"Color detonates the passion existing in me… I never thought I'd become an artist… Art fills me and satisfies me."

"I'm César Persi Narváez Machicao. I was born in Lima on October 18, 1963. My training in art comes from the ENSABAP.

"I'd describe my work as something unique. It is comprised of incongruent forms like a puzzle that I try to piece together, because often in reality we cannot put together something that has equilibrium like my works. Color detonates the passion existing in me that must come out, according to my mood. When I paint, I enjoy it and suffer at the same time, to such an extent that I may finish in ecstasy, but crying.

"I've dedicated myself to the path of art since 1989. Love is my principal motivation. And I consider myself a product of my social surroundings, influenced by the happenings in my family, politics and society. These make you see things in a different way, and this is what I want to show and make known. The fact of being a product of society doesn't make me a lamb boxed in by cannons that repel and repudiate. Often I consider myself a rebel by the way I act.

"I strive to transmit communication, that everything established isn't pending within art and, through it, we can express ourselves. This, thanks to concepts that we're able to form and express by way of a God-given capacity to create.

"I never thought I'd become an artist. I always planned on a lucrative career with a good position in society, and didn't think about how happy I'd be with what I did. When I was 24, I sat down to analyze my life and what I wanted. I realized that art was a part of me. Art fills me and satisfies me.

"In my family, I've been able to help them adapt to my art. In my personal life, I've been able to overcome a failed love affair. And today, my project is painting, only that. I'd love to depict the churches of Peru someday.

"I give you all these paintings so that in each one you share a part of me. I couldn't paint if I didn't feel it."

'We Are One Now'
"In this painting I deal with the expectation of what is complementary," confides Persi Narvaez. "It is related to the colors I used, since woman and man are represented with the same tones, and yellow joins them together to convey the idea of unity." To create the color and texture that distinguishes this composition, Narvaez mixed acrylics, gel and modeling paste on canvas.

Title "Ya somos uno" in Spanish

Persi Narváez - Lima (1964)

1995 Especialidad de Dibujo y Pintura "Medalla de Plata” - Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes del Perú”.

Exposiciones Individuales
1995 - “Construcciones Cromáticas”
G. Chateau Luminiere
Alianza Francesa - Lima
1996 - “Persi Narváez”
Galería Juan Pardo Heeren
ICPNA - Lima
1998 - “En Lima Me siento solo”
Banco de Comercio - Lima
1998 - “ 360º”
Galería Juan Pardo Heeren
ICPNA – Lima
2001 - “Tan solo un escalón”
Centro Cultural de la Escuela de Bellas Artes - Lima
2001 - “Recorrido Amazónico”
Galería de Arte El Parral
Iquitos, Perú.

1994 - Primer premio Barca de Plata
XIII Salón de Verano
Galería Borkas - Lima
1994 - Primer mención honrosa
Concurso de pintura Oscar Trelles
1994 - Primer premio “Fuerza Aérea del Perú” - Lima
1995 - Cuarta Mención Honrosa
Concurso de pintura Oscar Trelles - Lima
1995 - Medalla de Plata en la especialidad de pintura
“Promoción Angel Chávez”
Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes
1996 - Primer premio
Concurso de pintura Oscar Trelles - Lima
1998 - Tercer puesto
“Concurso cuerpos pintados”
María Angola – Lima
Aproximadamente 120 Muestras colectivas

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