Friday, June 15, 2007

OsHa hALL :: sElf pOrtRaiT

OsHa hALL sElf pOrtRaiT

Self portraits are an interesting portrayal of ones view of themselves. I call it a mark in time. A calculation during a faze of life. At what ever age in the moment. At what ever emotional, physical, and mental state present.

What side of the personality is visible? Can viewers some how understand an individual through a self portrait? How about their living conditions. What happens during the creation process?

I believe an artist can create a mood. The artist can invite a viewer into their thoughts. An artist has the ability to set the environment tone. We can use a serious tone or a playful tone. The medium an artist uses is a part of this. I believe though that people will read what they want to into any image they feel drawn to. They will like it or dislike it based on their own reasons. I also believe an artist can control the majority of that by the image content and rawness or softness portrayed.
Self portraits are fun. I like to see how my work has changed or not changed over time. How I look is also a part of it for me. My hair changes all the time as does my weight. What I see in the mirror isn't always what others see. I find all parts fascinating.

What about me is necessary for you to know?

I am a graduate from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a Bachelors of Fine Art in Illustration. My mediums of choice are oils, watercolors, and colored pencils. My interests include creating illustrations that educate, evoke, engage, enlighten, and stimulate minds.

I have studied the work Jerry Pinkney, Andrew Wyeth, and many other Illustrators and Artists. These guys render people really well in my opinion. Realism is my thing.

Illustrating children's books is my goal. A job of a lifetime to work with an author who has wonderful words that bring pictures to the mind. I would have the opportunity to help the images have life and meaning visually. Words teamed with pictures make a book powerful to whomever would be engaged. I've been blessed to be able to work on such a project earlier this year. I also have my own that I have big big plans for. Mainly to be in print and much more after that.

Although the field of illustration has a wide spectrum of opportunities. I have only dealt with two areas. Which leads me to greeting cards which I love to create. I specifically do handmade greeting cards and have been fortunate to have a rep out of New York by the name of Constance Kay.

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