Saturday, August 12, 2006

A "presidential bust" of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Clinton busts out at Museum of Sex

‘Presidential bust’ designed to spark discussion of sex, politics, celebrity.

NEW YORK - A "presidential bust" of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was unveiled Wednesday at New York's Museum of Sex, where sculptor Daniel Edwards hopes it will spark discussion about sex, politics and celebrity.

Edwards, the artist who also created a life-size nude of Britney Spears giving birth on a bear-skin rug, said he wanted to capture Clinton's age and femininity in the sculpture.

Clinton's office had no immediate comment.

Edwards said his work features a soft "presidential smile" and wrinkles framing her eyes. A floral pattern runs across her breasts, part of Edwards' effort to present Clinton "as a woman — not a covered-up person, but as a woman."

"I didn't want to give her a face lift or change her age," he said of his work.

"The key was to reveal her chest a little bit. She usually covers herself up, but I don't think that's necessary."

Perhaps getting ahead of himself, the artist has titled the sculpture "The Presidential Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton: The First Woman President of the United States of America.

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Paul's comments:

Here we have an artist who uses sexuality and current celebrity to get his name in the news. As a stratagem this is working, I think, mostly because he does such technically good work Although there is some criticism of the portrayal of Mrs. Clinton's Breast.) I have often dealt with the concept of an artist choice of subject and the move historically away from subjects such as in abstract art - but it then began to shift to non- specific representations of individuals. In other words, you didn't know the subject. Most of the work of celebrity art was done in cartoon, with the remaining work being a bit cheesy. This Clinton statue could be considered cheesy, I think.)

It also is a political statement - meant to present a foreshadow of the next Presidential election. And though it seems as though Edwards wants to be supportive, I think this work will garner more criticism than praise about it's subject.

Edawards controversial work has even gained him a listing in Wikepedia:


Daniel Edwards is a controversial sculptor.

His works include a sculpture of the disembodied head of Ted Williams, a life sized statue of Britney Spears giving birth while nude on her hands and knees on a bearskin rug, and a nude bust of Senator Hillary Clinton.."

There are many interesting links on Edwards on the bottom of his Wikkepedia page including links to short movies about his work- including one about this statue at:

-Posted by Paul Grant (follower of Basho)

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