Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Photo Walls

Ernie Kovacs chopping off Milt's mother's head
From The Magic Castle in Los Angeles

National Public Radio has an interesting story today on Photo walls:

The father-daughter radio team of Mal and Jennifer Sharpe continue their exploration of what they call photo walls -- collections of snapshots of regular customers, both famous and not, often found at small businesses, restaurants and clubs.

I know in the restaurants where I have worked we always had these type of walls. In one restaurant, the bar was lined with the famous jazz artist who had played at the Restaurant-club twenty or more years in the past. When toured through these photo's you got a jazz history lesson, and also got a lot of gossip about the `regular' people who were posing with the stars.

You can listen to Mal and Jennifer on their latest foray the photo wall at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles, a venerable club for conjurers and slight-of-hand artists in the Hollywood Hills.

Other spots they have visited can be viewed on the second link below:



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