Monday, July 11, 2005

Words we dare not speak

Thoughts: When this work was created I had no idea what was comming into being. The title came to me immediatlly afterward. There is some refrence, I think, in my subconcious to a phrase indicating something that is considered socially immoral.

Upon reflection o f the title I begin to wonder what words are those that we dare not speak. And, are they words of a specific instance or words in general? And, why would we `dare not' speak them - could the words hold some power that frightens us or our sensability?

It seems as though there is a hidden meaning in the title. It is not a simple - this is a chair - corelation with an image of a chair and words that describe the image. The title and the picture do though, seem to be related- and both offer some inkling that there is a message- and that message has it's essence not in the picture nor in the words - but outside of thier context.

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